Yearly Archives: 2019

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.73 – Computational Photography

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr In this solo show Bart shares his opinions on the next wave of photographic technology — computational photography. Bart starts with his argument as to why computational photography even is photography, and then explains why he’s so impressed with what the latest […]

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.69 – ‘Timelapse’ with Steve Sheridan

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Steve Sheridan from the Podfeet Podcast Network – @spsheridan This month Bart chats with Steve Sheridan of the Podfeet podcast network about timelapse photography. While this podcast is free for you to enjoy, it’s not free for Bart to create. Please consider […]