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Hi, my name is Bart, and I host and produce two monthly podcasts on a pair of topics I'm passionate about, Photography, and all things Apple.

Around the middle of each month I gather together a panel of fellow photographers, and we spend about an hour discussing a topic related to the art and craft of photography. The aim is to focus on ideas and techniques, and to be compeltely equipment and software neutral. Regardless of what camera you own, and what your skill level is, the hope is that you'll get something out of the show.

Around the end of the month, I gather together a panel of fellow Apple-watchers, and we take a 40,000 ft view of the month's Apple news. We avoid talk of rumours, and try to give a big-picture view of all Apple and the markets they compete in.

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The show is free for you to enjoy, and free from ads, but not free to produce. Please consider becoming a patron of the show on Patreon, making a one-time donation via PayPal. You can also support the show using the Hover or Digital Ocean referral links when purchasing a domain or hosting, or by reviewing the show on your podcast service of choice.

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A monthly wrap-up of the big news stories that affected Apple and their competitors.

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A different photographic topic discussed each month. The topics focus on the art and craft of photograhy.

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