Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 73 (September 2019)

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The show starts with a look at some followups to previous stories including the Project Zero bug and tariffs on the Mac Pro. Next is a quick look at some quick Apple HR and acquisition news. The four main stories are the so-called Checkm8 un-patchable jailbreak, developments in Apple services (specifically Apple TV+ & Apple Arcade), new Apple OSes (mostly iOS), and new Apple hardware. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some other Apple-related stories that made the news in September.

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  1. The Project Zero iPhone Vulnerabilities & Exploits
    • We now know the vulnerabilities detailed by Google’s project zero were used by the Chinese Government to target the Uyghur Muslim community — techcrunch.com/…, daringfireball.net/… & tidbits.com/…
    • We can also now place the attacks in a larger context where other bugs in other OSes were also used by the Chinese government to target the Uyghurs — www.imore.com/…, gizmodo.com/…, www.forbes.com/… & nakedsecurity.sophos.com/…
    • Apple released a message about the hacks. They disputed Google’s original 2-year timeline, and their use of the phrase “mass exploitation”, saying instead that the attacks were targeted at the Uyghurs and lasted for about 2 months. Apple also said they were already aware of the bugs and working on patches when they were contacted by Project Zero — www.apple.com/…
    • Project Zero have been criticised for not sharing information around the use of the vulnerabilities in a responsible way — vector.libsyn.com/…
  2. Apple’s European court case against the EU Commission’s €13Bn ‘tax’ bill in Ireland got under way (it’s expected to last months and to be appealed to the ECJ, which could take years):
  3. Government Investigations of Apple continue:
  4. The Mac Pro and the US/China Tariff War:
  5. Apple Card:
  6. Galaxy Fold:

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Main Stories

  1. The Checkm8 iOS vulnerability
  2. New Services
  3. New OSes — arstechnica.com/…
  4. New Hardware

Quick Stories

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