Let’s Talk Photography Ep.75 – Capturing Winter

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In this solo show Bart ponders the art of capturing winter photographically.

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  • It’s about much more than snow and frost, but let’s start there and get the obvious stuff out of the way
    • Snow (and to a less extent frost) can trick your camera into under-exposing shots — you’re likely to need to add exposure compensation
    • It’s very important to get the white-balance right in snow and frost
      • Mostly white scenes are utterly un-forgiving of colour casts!
      • Get it as right as you can in the field
      • Use the eye-dropper in post to fine-tune it. Don’t be afraid to intentionally nudge a little warmer or colder than the scientifically correct value, but be gentle!
    • On a practical level — batteries don’t respond well to cold
      • Battery life significantly is reduced in the cold — so plan for that!
      • Bring plenty of spares, and keep them as warm as you can till you need them — maybe in your pocket rather than your camera bag.
    • Humans don’t respond well to cold either!, so remember to dress appropriately, paying special attention to your extremities (head, feet & hands)
    • Creative suggestions
      • You can choose to accentuate the feeling of cold by finding and boosting blues, e.g.:
        • A Winter Mist in Carton
        • Winter at Pike's Bridge
      • You can use the reds of sunset to create a great ‘fire and ice’ contrast, e.g.: SPCM Snowy Sunset (remastered)
      • You can make use of the natural monochromeness of a typical snow or frost scene to really draw the eye to a colourful subject, e.g.:
        • A Winter Commute
        • The President’s Arch in Winter (re-mastered)
        • A Winter Walk in SPCM
      • No matter how bleak the weather, there are great shot out there waiting to be captured as long as you prepare well and make the effort! A Dramatic Winter in Carton
  • There’s more to winter than frost and snow!

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