Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 74 (October 2019)

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The show starts with a look at some followups to previous stories followed by some notable numbers, one quick legal star and two small Apple HR stories. The five main stories are Apple’s China problem, Apple’s flood of buggy software released and patches, Apple’s new headphones, the launch of Apple TV+, and Apple’s Q4 2019 earnings call. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some other Apple-related stories that made the news in October.

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Notable Numbers

Legal Latest

  • Apple’s long-running fight against patent claims by the University of Wisconsin finally comes to an end with then US Supreme Court refusing to hear an appeal against Apple’s victory in the US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington — www.imore.com/…

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Main Stories

  1. Apple’s China Problem
  2. “Patch Early & Patch Often”
  3. Two new Headphones from Apple
  4. Apple TV+ Launched in November 1st — www.imore.com/…
  5. Apple’s Q4 Earnings Call — www.apple.com/…

Quick Stories

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