Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 72 (August 2019)

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The show starts with four followup stories from previous month — Spotify getting Siri integration, AppleCard’s US launch, the on-going US-China trade war, and a positive end to the Siri Grading kerfuffle. Next are a few notable numbers and some HR news. The three main stories are a mixed month for Apple and security, a mixed month for Apple’s complex relationship with indie repair shops, and Tim Cook and 180 other CEOs committing to a broader view of corporate responsibility. The show ends with some quick Apple-related stories that made the news during August.

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  1. Spotify is reportedly talking to Apple about adding Siri integration to its iOS app — www.imore.com/…
  2. Apple Card Launches: Apple Card now available to everyone in U.S., Uber added to 3% — www.imore.com/…
  3. The US/China Trade War Rumbles on:
  4. The Siri Grading Kerfuffle Comes to a Satisfactory End — the grading will be re-enabled, but it will be opt-in, and performed by Apple employees, not contractors. Apple also issued an apology:

Notable Numbers

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Main Stories

  1. A Mixed Month for the Security of Apple Products
  2. Apple’s Complex Relationship with Indie Repairs:
  3. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook joins 180 other CEOs to sign an open letter committing Apple to a new vision of corporate responsibly spearheaded by the Business Roundtable:

Quick Stories

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