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A monthly show of no fixed format focusing on the art and craft of photography. Sometimes it’s a panel show, sometimes it’s an interview show, and sometimes it’s just the host, Bart Busschots, pontificating on his own. What ever the format, this is always a show about ideas and techniques, not specific camera, lenses or apps.

Every now and then an episode of LTP will be decicated to answering listener questions - submit a question

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LTP 129: Aurorae

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr In this solo show Bart explains what the northern light are, how they work, how to see then, and how to photograph them. But most importantly, since we’re entering the peak of the 11 year cycle they follow, Bart gives some advice […]

LTP 126: Rainbows

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr In this solo show Bart explains how rainbows work, why that leads to some ‘bonus extras’ to keep an eye out for, and shares some advice on capturing these beautiful and ephemeral apparitions! While this podcast is free for you to enjoy, […]