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A panel show recorded around the middle of each month discussing a topic related to the art and craft of photography. The panel strive to keep the discussions as equipment and software agnostic as possible. This is a show about ideas and techniques, not specific camera or lenses or apps.

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Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.38 – Photography Gifts 2

Panel: Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Antonio Rosario from Switch to Manual – @switch2manual Allison Sheridan from the NosillaCast Podcast – @podfeet – Flickr Clay Daly from the Cybercast Podcast – @CWDaly – Flickr As the season for giving approaches yet again, the panel discuss gifts of photography, and gifts […]

Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.37 – Smartphone Photography 1

Panel: Allison Sheridan (Guest Host) from the NosillaCast Podcast – @podfeet – Flickr Antonio Rosario from Switch to Manual – @switch2manual Mark Pouley from Twin Lakes Images – @switcherMark – Flickr Victor Cajiao from the Terra Tech Podcast – @victorcajiao – Flickr You’ll find detailed show notes below the fold. Reminder […]