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A panel show recorded around the middle of each month discussing a topic related to the art and craft of photography. The panel strive to keep the discussions as equipment and software agnostic as possible. This is a show about ideas and techniques, not specific camera or lenses or apps.

Every now and then an episode of LTP will be decicated to answering listener questions - submit a question

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LTP 97: Nightscapades

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Doug Ingram – @nightscapades – Flickr This month Bart chats with Australian photographer Doug Ingram, better known as Nightscapades, about the art and craft of shooting so-called ‘nightscapes’. Depending on the shot and your point of view a nightscape can be described […]

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.94 – Photojournalism with Robert Lachman

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Robert Lachman – @photoandmac – Instagram This month Bart talks photojournalism and photo editing with retired LA Times photographer Robert Lachman. While this podcast is free for you to enjoy, it’s not free for Bart to create. Please consider supporting the show […]

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.91 – Bart Busschots on O. Winston Link 2

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Antonio Rosario from the Street Shots Podcast & The Unusual Collective – @amrosario – Flickr This month Antonio turns the tables on Bart, interviewing him about one if his favourite photographers, O. Winston Link. Link was a commercial professional commercial photographer by day, […]

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.90 – ‘Shoot Like a Videographer’ with Wally Cherwinski 2

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Wally Cherwinski – @wa11_y – Flickr We all strive to come home with interesting photos, and Wally has an unusual suggestion to help you get there — think like a videographer. While this podcast is free for you to enjoy, it’s not […]