Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.9 – Post Processing 2

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Joining Bart this month are Kenny Lee, Stefaan Lesage from the Tech 45 Podcast, and Antonio Rosario from Switch to Manual. This month’s topic is the third part of the on-going series on the the four stages of a photograph – post processing. The panel focus both on organising your photos, as well as editing them.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.9 – Post Processing

  • Konrad

    Hey there! Unfortunately, I was not able to listen to the whole episode. If I remember correctly, you discussed at the beginning some software for organizing photos and you were looking for an alternative to iPhoto on Windows – how about Picasa? I used it long time ago and I remember it was really good for organizing my photo library and for small edits. I just checked and it’s still being supported and updated regularly.

    • Bart Busschots Post author

      Hi Konrad – thanks for the suggestion. It’s been many years since I played with Picasa (it’s been many years since I’ve owned a Windows PC). The last time I played with Picasa it was very basic. But, if it’s still under active development after all these years, I could well imagine it having blossomed into an iPhoto competitor.