Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 76 (December 2019)

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The show starts with a few followup stories, some notable numbers, a few legal stories, and some HR and acquisitions news. The five main stories are the new MacPro and XDR displays, the Connected Home over IP project, Apples continuing evolution on security, a re-kindling of the encryption debate in the US, and TIME magazine including three Apple devices in their top 10 gadgets of the decade.

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Notable Numbers

Legal Latest

Apple HR News & Acquisitions

Main Stories

  1. Apple has released the new MacPro and XDR Displays — www.imore.com/…
  2. Apple partners with other tech companies & groups (including Amazon, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance) to create the Connected Home over IP project — www.imore.com/…
  3. Apple Continues to Improve its Platform Security
  4. 🇺🇸 The Battle Over Encryption Heats up again in the US
  5. TIME named 3 Apple products (iPad, Apple Watch & AirPods) in their top 10 gadgets of the decade — time.com/…

Quick stories

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