Let’s Talk Apple – Ep. 23 (July 2015)

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The show starts with a look at some interesting Apple-related numbers and statistics released during July before moving on to the legal news and some followups from last month’s show (mainly Apple Music related). The three main stories for the month are Apple’s 3rd quarter earnings, the new iPod Touch, and a collection of security-related stories. The show finishes with a quick roundup of some other short Apple-related stories that broke in July.

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Notable Numbers
Legal Latest
Main Stories
  1. Apple Q3 Earnings – www.apple.com/…
    • The numbers:
      • Revenue: $49.6Bn (up from $37.4Bn YAQ)
      • Net Profit: $10.7Bn (up from $7.7Bn YAQ)
      • Earnings per Share: $1.85 (up from $1.28 YAQ)
      • iPhone Unit Sales: 47.5m (up 35% from 35.2m YAQ)
      • iPad Unit Sales: 10.9m (down 18% from 13.2m YAQ)
      • Mac Unit Sales: 4.7m (up 9% from 4.4m YAQ)
    • No actual Apple Watch numbers released, but Tim Cook says Apple Watch it doing very well – www.macobserver.com/…
    • Tim Cook still 'bullish' on iPad – www.macobserver.com/…
    • As noted by Gruber, Apple shares of course went down on a record quarter, while the business press didn't bat an eye-lit over MS's $2.1Bn quarterly loss – daringfireball.net/…
  2. A new iPod Touch – www.macobserver.com/…
  3. Apple & Security – a mixed bag
Quick Stories

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