LTA 128: April 2024

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This solo show starts with some followups from last month before diving into just a few regulatory and legal stories, some HR and acquisitions news, and a few highlights from Apple’s services and original content. The three main stories are some nice changes to how Apple will facilitate repairs, the arrival of vintage game emulators on iOS, and Apple’s Q2 2024 earnings call. The show finishes with a rundown of some other quick Apple-related stories that made the news in April.

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Updates & Followup

Quick updates to long-running stories the show continues to track, and to stories covered in recent shows.

Regulatory Rundown

  • The Digital Markets Act (DMA) continues to drive Apple news:

    • Beta versions of iOS 17.5 include support for website-based app distribution in the EU, so we can now see how it works, developers are cranky at the amount of warnings screens users see, and one security researcher warns that it may inadvertently expose EU iOS users to cross-site tracking —…,… &…

    • The European Commission has ruled that because it is depended on by enough business users, iPadOS does fall under the DMA after all, giving Apple 6 months to comply, which Apple have confirmed they will do —… &…

    • Apple announced their promised changes to the controversial Core Technology Fee (CTF) that applies to developers who opt for Apple's EU-only iOS app store terms —…

      • Zero-profit developers like hobbyists and charities are now completely exempted — it's not about the app, it's about the developer, and if you make money by putting ads in your apps you are definitely not zero-profit (this addresses the 'my kid made a great app that went viral and now I own Apple a small fortune' problem)
      • Small developers (<€10M annual revenue) get an on-ramp to the CTF via a three-year exemption, and if they poke over the €10M mark within those three years, the CTF is called at €1M
    • Reporting by Reuters and others suggests the iOS browser choice screen mandated by the DMA may be having an effect, users seem to be choosing privacy-focused browsers, and Opera is reporting 63% growth —… &…

    • The first third-party app store in the EU goes live with the launch of Riley Testut's AltStore PAL —… &…

  • The European Central Bank has sent and open letter to the European Commission arguing that Apple's proposed changes to address anti-trust concerns are not sufficient to facilitate its plans for the Digital Euro —…

  • The EU's long-in-progress right to repair directive has finally passed, now each of the 27 member states must implement specific laws to implement it in their own nations —… (for the most part it looks like all Apple will have to do to comply is offer what they currently sell as AppleCare+ as their standard warranty within the EU)

Legal Latest

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Apple Services & Original Content Highlights

Main Stories

  1. Apple expands its repair options —…

  2. After last month's App Store rules change, emulators for vintage games consoles start arriving on iOS:

  3. Apple's Q2 2024 Earnings Call —…

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