LTA 123: November 2023

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This is another solo show with just Bart. The show starts with a few followups, some regulatory and legal news, a little HR news, and the highlights from Apple’s services and original content. The three main stories are RCS coming to iMessage, an apparent parting of the ways between Apple and Goldman Sachs, and Apple’s end-of-year awards and charts. Finally, the show finishes with some other quick Apple-related stories that made the news in October.

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Updates & Followup

Quick updates to long-running stories the show continues to track, and to stories covered in recent shows.

Regulatory Rundown

Legal Latest

  • The EU Commission's epic case against the arrangements between Apple and Irish Tax Authorities appears to be far from over — the Advocate General reviewing the Commission's appeal has found "significant legal errors", an is recommending that the EU's General Court review the case, his advice is not binding, but usually followed, so expect to hear more about this nearly decade-old case in 2024 —…
  • London's Court of Appeals has overturned a ruling blocking the UK Competition & Markets Authority's (CMA) investigation into the effect of Apple & Goole's mobile market dominance on cloud gaming on a technicality. The investigation remains on hold for now because Apple has a right to appeal —…
  • Apple joins other major tech companies in filing an appeal against Maryland's Digital Advertising Tax, and are asking for all the tax paid back —…

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Apple Services & Original Content Highlights

Main Stories

  1. Apple Will Add RCS Support on iOS in 2024 —…

  2. Confusion reigns over the future of Apple's unhappy relationship with Goldman Sachs with reports that Apple have offered to end the contract early, in about a year, and their statement when asked for comment said basically nothing nothing —…

    "Apple and Goldman Sachs are focused on providing an incredible experience for our customers to help them lead healthier financial lives. The award-winning Apple Card has seen a great reception from consumers, and we will continue to innovate and deliver the best tools and services for them"

    • Related Rumour: Legendary Apple leaker Mark Gurman suggests Chase are in the running to replace Goldman Sachs —…
  3. Apple doles out many end-of-year awards & charts:

Quick Stories


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