Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 99 (November 2021)

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The show starts with the usual followups and updates on long-running stories. That’s followed by some some Apple-related legal news, quite a bit of Apple HR news, and some highlights from Apple’s original content and subscription services. The four main stories are Apple’s new self service repair program, Apple’s renewed focus on business and enterprise customers, Apple’s suit against the NSO Group (makers of the Pegasus spyware), and the faux-scandal around Apple buying ads for apps they sell in their App Store. The show ends with a quick rundown of some smaller Apple-related stories that made the news in November.

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Updates & Followup

Quick updates to long-running stories the show continues to track, and to stories covered in recent shows.

Legal Latest

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Apple Services & Original Content Highlights

Main Stories

  1. Apple’s new Self Service Repair program – US-only at first, and starting with most common iPhone repairs, but expanding to more countries and more products over the next year — www.apple.com/…
  2. Apple’s renewed focus on Business & Enterprise customers:
  3. 🇺🇸 Apple sues the NSO group, the makers of the Pegasus spyware in the US — www.apple.com/…
  4. The Kerfuffle over the ads Apple buys for apps they sell in their app store
    • The original article: Apple Quietly Buying Ads Via Google For High-Value Subscription Apps To Capture App Publisher Revenue — www.forbes.com/…
    • Editorial by Bart:
      • There is nothing secret about these ads – they were clearly labeled as ads for the App Store, and they take users to the app store
      • Apple have been doing this for years, and far from being a nefarious plot, it’s a great value-add for developers — one of the value propositions Apple offers developers is publicity for their apps!
      • It’s completely normal for a shop to advertise what they sell!
        • I see ads for Merrell, Under Armour, Sketchers & New Balance hiking shoes & trainers from Sports Direct all over the place — web ads, email blasts, billboards, store-front posters, and more! Sports Direct know I’m hard on footwear because I do over 20K steps a day, and that I love those brands, so they advertise heavily at me to keep getting me to buy from their store, and it works! Is that a plot to somehow defraud Merrell or Sketchers? Hardly!

Quick Stories


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