Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 91 (March 2021)

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The show starts with a the usual followups and updates on long-running stories. That’s followed by a few quick legal stories, some Apple HR news, and some highlights from Apple’s push into original content. The three main stories are Apple discontinuing the iMac Pro, some other iMacs and the HomePod, Intel’s very mixed messaging towards Apple, and the compromise Apple managed to strike with Russia over their App Pre-installation law. The show ends with a quick rundown of some smaller Apple-related stories that made the news in March.

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Legal Latest

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Apple Services Update

Main Stories

  1. Cleaning House
  2. Intel’s Mixed-messages to Apple
  3. 🇷🇺 Apple’s ‘Compliance’ with Russia’s App Pre-installation law

Quick Stories


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