Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 84 (August 2020)

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The show starts with a few followup stories (including the virus-shaped elephant in every room these days), a few legal stories, some acquisitions, and a quick overview of news related to Apple’s original content. The four main stories are Phill Schiller’s transition to Apple Fellow, update iMacs, Microsoft’s Surface Duo, and Apple’s App Store problems (there’s much more going on than just the Epic saga!). The show ends with a quick rundown of some smaller Apple-related stories that made the news in August.

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Legal Latest

Apple Acquisitions

Apple Original Content Update

Main Stories

  1. Phil Schiller is transitioning to Apple Fellow from SVP for Worldwide Marketing but retaining the lead on the App Store and Apple events. Greg Joswiak is replacing Phil as SVP for Worldwide Marketing:
  2. Apple updated their iMac Line:
  3. Microsoft Announced the Surface Duo a different take on the foldable — two screens running Android:
  4. Apple’s App Store Problem

Quick Stories


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