Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 78 (February 2020)

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The show starts with a few followup stories, two notable numbers, a few legal stories, a few Apple staffing changes, and a quick overview of news related to Apple’s original content. The four main stories are the Corona virus, a kerfuffle setoff by some creating maths from AV vendor Malware Bytes, some over-hyped reporting on AFib detection with Apple Watch, and a collection of stories around HomeKit. The show ends with a quick rundown of some smaller Apple-related stories that made the news in February.

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Notable Numbers

Apple HR & Acquisition News

Apple Original Content Update

Main Stories

  1. Corona Virus Chaos
  2. AV vendor Malware Bytes made waves with an evocatively titled report claiming there are more malware threats against the Mac than against Windows PCs:
  3. New reporting on Apple Watch made for a very dramatic headline, but it’s a stretch. A 2019 study has found that 84% of Apple Watch’s AFib detections prove to be accurate. Paperwork submitted by Apple to the US FDA states that the watch does not reliably detect AFib when pulse rates are abnormally low or high (<50pbm & >120BPM). A 2015 paper studying people who recently developed AFib found that their average pulse was 109, and one third of them had a pulse over 120, putting them outside the Apple Watch’s reliable detection window.
  4. A good month for HomeKit

Quick Stories


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