Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.15 – Capturing the Holidays

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The suitably festive topic for this December show is ‘capturing the holidays’. The discussion starts by answering a question from listener Claus in then moves on to tips for getting the best pictures at family evens, capturing the feeling of the holidays by photographing Christmas trees and decorations, and finishes with some tips for shooting in snow.

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Listener Question

Question from listener Claus:

Whenever I take a picture of my six year old and she is aware of the camera she’ll go stiff and have a “fake smile”. She so desperately wants a pretty photo of herself, that it completely takes over.

The best shots are those that I can sneak of her, but those aren’t always blessed with the best composition.

So calling all parents, uncles, aunts (etc.) – how can I help my six year old to forget there is a camera and just smile at the bloke behind the camera (a.k.a. dad) as she normally would…


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