Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 64 (December 2018)

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The show starts with a few quick followups from last month’s show, followed by a quick look at some notable numbers that made the news in December, some Apple HR news stories, and a look at two Apple-related court cases including Apple -v- Qualcomm. The three main stories for the month are some new types of fraud that were briefly active on the iOS App Store, the on-going fight for privacy, and bent iPad Pros. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some other stories that made the news in December.

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Notable Numbers
  • Data from the latest Mixpanel report supports the hypothesis that iPhone upgrade cycles are extending to 2–3 years — www.applemust.com/…
  • New numbers from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners show more Android users switching to iOS after the launch of the iPhone XS & XR models than switched after the launch of the iPhone X and 8 — www.cnbc.com/…
  • New projections from eMarket predict that one in ten Americans will have smart watches by the end of 2019, and many of them will be older so-called baby-boomerswww.cnet.com/…
Apple HR News
Legal Latest
Main Stories
  1. New kinds of iOS app fraud briefly make an appearance in the App Store before being shut down by Apple:
  2. The battle for privacy heats up again
  3. “Bend Gate 2” (the iPadPro Edition)
Quick Stories

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