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The show starts with a few quick follow up stories, followed by some Apple HR news that broke in November. The three main stories for the month are some repairability trade-offs introduced by the advanced security provided by Apple’s new T2 chip, oral arguments in US Supreme Court case regarding a class action anti-trust case brought against Apple regarding the App Store, and Apple’s new relationship with Amazon. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some smaller Apple-related stories that made the news in November.

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  • As promised at WWDC, Transmit 5 is now back in the Mac App Store as a subscription app — www.macobserver.com/…
  • Apple VP for product marketing Greg Joswiak said the iPhone XR has “been our most popular iPhone each and every day since the day it became available” — daringfireball.net/…
Apple HR News
  • Apple have hired Ashish Chowdhary, Nokia’s Chief Customer Operations Officer, to take over as Managing Director of South East Asia (mainly India) — www.macobserver.com/…
Main Stories
  1. The security provided by Apple’s new T2 chips comes with some tradeoffs to repairability
  2. The US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case testing whether or not App Store customers have standing to sue Apple over allegations that its app store is anti-competitive.
    • In the lower courts, Apple succeeded in arguing that the class action suit should not be permitted to continue.
    • Apple’s arguments include the fact that it does not set app prices, developers do, and developers are free to set low or high prices, right down to free.
    • Apple used a 1977 supreme court decision (Illinois Brick Co. v. Illinois) which found that only consumers who are direct purchasers of a product can bring an anti-trust lawsuit, and when it. comes to the App store that’s the developers, not iOS and Mac users, they are buying apps from developers, not from Apple.
    • The questions the justices asked imply they are leaning towards overturning the lower court’s decision — amylhowe.com/…
    • Should Apple lose the case, the result would be that an anti-trust trial could start.
    • The court is expected to rule next year
  3. Amazon & Apple’s Improved Relationship
Quick Stories

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