Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 60 (August 2018)

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Because it’s the so-called silly-season in news the show has a bit of an unusual format. The show starts off with the usual followups, a few notable numbers, and then some Apple HR News. The first main story is not a single story, but a medley of medium-sized stories. The second main story is Apple’s censorship of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars publication, and the final main story is the end of Back to My Mac. The show finishes with a quick roundup of some other smaller stories that made the news in August.

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Notable Numbers
  • Numbers from Counterpoint show the nascent Smart Watch market growing by 37% year-on-year. Apple’s sales grew 17% year-on-year, so their share of the market dropped from 48% last year to 41% this year. The numbers also show that by far the most popular model remains the Series 1, accounting for 9 our of 10 Apple Watches sold — www.counterpointresearch.com/…
  • Gene Munster’s latest survey suggests pent-up demand for iPhones this cycle, specifically 48% of current iPhone owners intend to upgrade this cycle compared to 25% last year, and 19% of Android users surveyed are planning to switch to an iPhone (compared to 12% last year) — loupventures.com/…
Apple HR News
Main Stories
  1. Medley of Medium-sized stories:
  2. Apple leads other tech companies in removing some content by incendiary US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his group Infowars from their platforms:
  3. Apple have announced that macOS Mojave will not support Back to my Mac, and suggest some alternative Apple technologies for users to use in its place — www.macobserver.com/…
Quick Stories
Save the Date — Gather Round Apple Event

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