Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.11 – Sharing 4

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Joining Bart this month are Mark Pouley from Twin Lakes Images, Stefaan Lesage from the Tech45 Podcast, and Antonio Rosario from Switch to Manual. This is the fourth and final part of an on-going mini-series on the life-cycle of a photo. The series started with an episode dedicated to preparation, followed by one dedicated to the taking of photos in the field, then one dedicated to the editing of photos, and now this final part dedicated to the sharing of finished images with the world.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.11 – Sharing

  • Allison Sheridan

    Great show as always. Really learned a lot and love the different points of view. In particular I resonate to the “for the love of all things don’t post every photo’ POV from Bart, and was also intrigued at the different views of what Flickr is really for.

    I’m glad you didn’t do the 2 min version of watermarking pros/cons. I’m really interested in getting this resolved in my head. My biggest problem is that my family members use my photos and don’t give me credit for them. I know it sounds petty but watching my mother-in-law hand a giant framed canvas of one of my artistic photos to her grandson with no credit to me just about killed me. I’m starting to watermark everything now but I look like a tool doing it on photos just of people for Facebook and such. So I can argue both sides of this without anyone even helping me. I don’t want money for my work, I want credit.

    Wish the show was every week instead of every 2 weeks.

    • Mark Pouley

      Thank you Allison. I’ve gone back and forth a million times on the watermarking debate. Clearly this is a topic we can cover for an entire episode without reaching a “right” answer. But your story brings up an even bigger issue – that is friends and family using our photos without thinking about asking or giving credit. On the issue of sharing and misuse of images, often the issue is not with the anonymous photo “thief” but the unthinking friend or family member that treats our work as a free commodity for their unfettered use.

  • Krystian

    I have been listening your podcast and I think I might have found an answer to your problem of posting stuff in different places. The is a service that calls IFTTT. It allows you to create a “recipe” so if you upload something to the Flickr it will upload the same photo somewhere else, or send a tweet etc. Take a look at ifttt.com. They also have an iPhone and Android app. Let me know what you think.