Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 68 (April 2019)

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The show starts with some followup on stories from previous months before getting stuck into some notable numbers and Apple HR changes that made the news in April. The five main stories are Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm, Apple’s Q2 2019 earnings call, the controversy over Apple cracking down on parental control apps abusing MDM, the failure of the Galaxy Fold, and the rapidly evolving world of streaming music and video services. The show ends with a quick rundown of some other Apple-related stories that made the news in April.

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Notable Numbers

Apple HR News

Main Stories

  1. The Apple Qualcomm Settlement & the Future of 5G
  2. Apple’s Q2 2019 Earnings Call — www.apple.com/…
  3. The NYT Ignited a controversy over Apple’ removal of parental control apps that abused MDM, implying this was some kind of anti-competitive move. Factually, using MDM in a context where the organisation the devices get enrolled into is not the organisation that actually owns the device is extremely dangerous. Here, kids phones were being enrolled into MDM servers managed by the app vendors, giving those vendors total control over the devices. Apple realised the danger back in 2017, and updated its app store guidelines in mid–2017. Last year Apple started working to address the problem, with reports of apps being removed dating back to last December. It’s not clear why this has suddenly become news.
  4. Galaxy un-fold
  5. Streaming Developments

Quick Stories

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