Let’s Talk Apple – Ep. 49 (September 2017)

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The show starts with some quick followup before moving on to look at a few staffing changes at Apple that made the news in September. The four main stories for the month were Apple’s new hardware, Apple’s new software, the controversy around Safari’s new privacy features, and the hardware released by Sonos, Amazon, and Google. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some shorter Apple-related stories that made the news in September.

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  • Imagination Technologies has been sold to a Chinese investment company for £550M (~$750M) – uk.businessinsider.com/…
  • Toshiba has agreed to sell it’s Flash Memory business to the so-called Bain Consortium which includes Apple for $18Bn. A sale had previously been agreed with Toshiba, but that fell through. Toshiba are not happy about how things have panned out, and are trying to get this new deal overturned in court, so this is not quite over yet – www.macobserver.com/…
  • Qualcomm has lost two rulings in it’s on-going battle with Apple – “First, it has failed to force Apple’s manufacturing partners to make royalty payments prior to a determination of what the total disputed royalties should be, and second it lost an effort to stop Apple from pursing antitrust cases against it in other countries”appleinsider.com/…
  • Apple continue their push into education with The Digital Flagship University, a program with Ohio State University that will give students an iPad Pro with and Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard and access to a bunch of software – www.macobserver.com/…
  • Apple have made it easier to find AR apps by adding a dedicated section to the App Store – www.macobserver.com/…
  • The EU continues it’s campaign against US tech companies and small European nations with attractive tax arrangements:
Notable Staffing Changes
  • Apple has hired three more former Sony TV execs – former head of current programming Kim Rozenfeld, former vice president of drama development Max Aronson, and former director of creative affairs Ali Woodruff – www.macobserver.com/…
  • Long-time Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell is to retire later this year, and former Supreme Court Clerk Katherine Adams has been taken on to replace him – www.macobserver.com/… & www.imore.com/…
Main Stories
  1. New Hardware Annouced & Released
  2. New OSes Released
  3. Apple anger the ad industry by improving privacy in Safari 11
  4. Product announcements from Sonos, Amazon & Google
    • Sonos announced their new Sonos One – the big new feature is built-in Alexa – www.macobserver.com/…
    • Amazon – tidbits.com/… & www.imore.com/…
      • New Fire TV – HDR 4K and just $69.99
      • 2nd Gen Amazon Echo – starting price dropped to just $99.99
      • Echo Plus – serves as hub for some home automation products (no HomeKit support), starts at $149.99
      • Echo Spot – a smaller version of the Echo Show starting at $129.99
      • Echo buttons – tiny accessories for playing Echo games, just $20 for a starter pack
      • Echo Connect – ties Amazon Echo into your landline phone
    • Google
Quick Stories

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