Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.46 – Selling your Work 2

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This month Bart chats with Mark Pouley about making a start on selling some of your work. Not going pro, but selling enough to approach breaking even and having photography be a financially neutral hobby.

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Tips form Mark
  • Search for “call for artists” in your area
  • Join a local artists guild or group – a great source of advice and wisdom
  • Keep an eye out for festivals and things like that in your area
  • Your portfolio should be ‘the cream’ of your work, small, and indicative of what you do
  • Get a portfolio review from a trusted expert who can be honest with you

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.46 – Selling your Work

  • Mac Sokulski

    Another greatly informative show! Thank you for that. I have tried zenfolio in the past, but because they use mpix to fullfill your print orders, and shipping to Canada was outrageous, I gave them up. I think the other site Mark was trying to remember was SmugMug. They are a lot more expensive then zenfolio.
    I have done a portfolio review with Antonio and Tom, and yes it definitely helps. They did a great job on it. You get a personalized recording of the review. If you haven’t done it yet, you definitely should.
    Thank you again for a great show! Looking forward to the next.

    • Bart Busschots Post author

      Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion Mac. Also, apologies for your comment taking so long to appear – for some reason I’ll never understand, WordPress thought you were a spammer!