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This month Bart chats with Let’s Talk regular Allister Jenks about aviation photography. Allister has been photographing airplanes for as long as he’s been photographing, while Bart is just starting to explore the subject.

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Useful Resources
  • FlightRadar24 (flight tracking site & apps)
  • LiveATC (website and apps for listening in to Air Traffic Control for many airports around the world)
Photos by Allister Mentioned in the Show
  • Obvious jet thrust on takeoff
  • A ‘perfect’ merger
  • A nice pan-blur
  • Low-light shot of a rare visitor to Allister’s local airport
  • Up-close view with the characteristic nose-up attitude
  • Spoilers deployed after landing
Photos by Bart Mentioned in the Show
  • Lots of obvious jet thrust on takeoff
    Speeding out of Dublin
  • Un-intentionally frozen propellors
    St. Oliver Plunkett
  • Blurred propellors and a noticeable nose-down approach
    St. Eithne Nears Touchdown
  • A small plane against a big sky
    Big Sky, Small Plane
  • A view straight up the centre-line showing one plane taking off as the next is queued up to land
    One Up, One Down
  • A successful pan-blur
    Arriving into Dublin

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