Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.39 – The Night Sky

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This month it’s just Bart – no guest and no panel! Bart tries to inspire the listeners to have a go at photographing the night sky this holiday season.

You’ll find detailed show notes below the fold.

Reminder – you can submit questions for future Q & A shows at http://lets-talk.ie/photoq

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Some of Bart’s Astro Shots

Racing into the Dusk

Evening at the Boat House

The Moon & Venus

The Moon & Venus Score!

Lunar Cross (Black & White)

The Plough over Taghadoe

Orion Rising

ISS Blazes Over Taghadoe

Celestial & Terrestrial Light-Trails

NLCs at Taghadoe

NLCs over Maynooth

Orion (Ori)

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