Let’s Talk Apple – Ep. 37 (September 2016)

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The show starts with a quick look at some Apple-related legal stories which broke in September. The four main stories are Apple’s new hardware (iPhone 7 & 7Plus, AirPods & Apple Watch Series 1 & 2), Apple’s new OSes (iOS 10, watchOS 3 & macOS Sierra), some more developments in the privacy war, and two new corporate deals for Apple. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some other shorter stories that made the news in September.

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Legal Latest
  • Acacia Research Corp. (a patent holding company rather than a research company) has won a $22.1M vderdict against Apple in Texas over an LTE patent – arstechnica.com/…
  • Patent holding company and long-time thorn in Apple's side VirnetX wins $302.4M ruling against Apple in a jury trial in east Texas. The patent in question relate to FaceTime and secure communications. The case is inevitably heading for appeal in Washington, where VirnetX face an up-hill battle – www.macobserver.com/…
Main Topics
  1. New Hardware
  2. New OSes
  3. Privacy Wars update
    • A security researcher has successfully used NAND mirroring to bypass the auto-wipe on an iPhone 5C, and brute-force a passcode (like the FBI said could not be done, hence the demand for a back door) – arstechnica.com/…
    • The Intercept reports that Apple keep logs of iMessage contact lookups for 30 days, and comply with court orders for access to this data – theintercept.com/… & www.imore.com/…
  4. More Corporate deals – www.imore.com/…
    • Apple teams up with Deloitte to make it easier for their employees to get iDevices
    • US Health Insurance firm Aetna strikes a deal with Apple to offer customers and employees deals on Apple Watches
Quick News

Reminder – Apple's Q4 earrings call is scheduled for Tuesday 25 October at 2pm PST – www.macobserver.com/…

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