Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.34 – Photo Talk 2

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The is the second show where each of the panel bring along two photos to talk about – one of their own, and one by another photographer. The first photo talk episode was show 24. You’ll find links to the photos we talk about below the fold.

Reminder – you can submit questions for future Q & A shows at http://lets-talk.ie/photoq

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  1. Sunset Perch by Mark:
    Twin Lakes Images ~ Photography by Mark Pouley: Landscapes &emdash; Sunset Perch
  2. Ocean Parkway by Antonio:
    Ocean Parkway
  3. Photographing Tyrconnell Tower at Night by Bart:
    Photographing Tyrconnell Tower at Night
  4. 停泊~晨 Sunrise by Shangfu Dai – Recommended by Mark:
    停泊~晨 Sunrise
  5. Photo of Neil Armstrong by Buzz Aldrin (top photo on the linked page) – Recommended by Antonio.
  6. Dort In Stoom by Andrew Maycock – Recommended by Bart:
    Dort In Stoom

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