Let’s Talk Apple – Ep. 8 (Apr. 2014)

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Joining Bart this month are Guy Serle & Gazmas from the My Mac Podcast, Peter Upfold, and Nick Riley. The show starts with a quick rundown of some interesting numbers released in April, followed by a quick rundown of the month’s developments in some of the many court cases Apple are involved in, particularly the second Apple -v- Samsung case, which came to trial in April. The main stories the show focuses on are Apple’s Q2 earnings call, Google’s Silver program, Amazon’s HBO deal & Comixology purchase, the cheaper and faster new Macbook Air, and Apple’s focus on all things environmental this month. The show finishes with a few quick stories.

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Segment Start Times:

  • 00:03:22 – CarPlay followup
  • 00:06:38 – April Numbers
  • 00:19:00 – April Court Cases
  • 00:30:47 – Story 1 – Apple’s Q2 Earnings Report
  • 00:44:42 – Story 2 – Android Silver
  • 00:50:06 – Story 3 – Amazon HBO deal & Comixology purchase
  • 00:54:58 – Story 4 – Cheaper Faster Macbook Airs
  • 01:00:22 – Story 5 – Apple & the Environment
  • 01:09:05 – Quick Stories

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