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This is the third Q & A show where the panel answer questions submitted by listeners. The panel answer questions from three listeners this time – Tom asks about diptychs and triptychs, Ken asks about lenses and the cold, and Allison asks about shooting flowers.

Reminder – you can submit questions for future Q & A shows at http://lets-talk.ie/photoq

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Question 1 – from Listener Tom

I use Aperture. I would like to combine two or mor photos into one jpg pr tiff file to make a diptych or triotych without any loss of quality, without any Adobe products. Any suggestions on how to do that? Thanks.


Question 2 – from Listener Ken

Greetings from Vermont. A question came up while looking to upgrade a lens. What is the operating temperature range for a lens? Specifically since it does get cold and I do take the camera (Pentax K-3) out in the cold (zero degrees F). The camera is rated to -10 F but what about the lens. It’s not about condensation when coming inside. I contacted Sigma and asked about their 10-20mm F4-F5.6. They came back with a low of 38 F with the comment “it will go beyond for short periods of time”. I’ve check Pentax lenses and the specs do not specify a temperature range. Several Pentax blogs state use well below zero degrees. So I wonder if this might be a good thing to talk about. Many thanks for the show.


Question 3 – from Allison Sheridan

  • Allison’s Question (posted in the podcast’s G+ Community)
  • Venus Lens – the cheap macro lens mentioned by Konrad
  • The wide-angle macro mentioned by Bart
    Small Tortoiceshell on Daisies

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One thought on “Let’s Talk Photography – Ep.18 – Q & A 3

  • Mark Pouley

    For listener Tom: I have an application for making Diptics that I really like. It has the creative name Diptic This is an application for the Mac and for iOS and can be found in the appropriate app store. The web page to learn more about the app is mac.dipticapp.com (it appears this app is available for Android and Windows as well) The app is very inexpensive and there are some in-app purchases that can boost the features.

    I really like the flexibility and creative of this app. You can change the boarder sizes, colors, etc. Add text, and export in several formats. You will have some image compression on export (I typically export full-sized .jpeg) but I really don’t think you are going to avoid that.