Let’s Talk Apple – Ep. 17 (January 2015)

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The show starts with a quick correction from last month’s show, then moves on to look at some of the many numbers and statistics released in January before moving on to a quick rundown of some Apple-related legal stories. The big stories for the month were Apple’s spectacular first quarter, David Cameron’s attack on secure messaging apps, the Thunderstrike vulnerability, Microsoft’s preview of Windows 10, and some staff changes at Apple. The show finishes with a quick rundown of some other Apple related stories that made the news in January.

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Correction from LTA 16
  • Bart: I confused the BBC current affairs program Panorama with the BBC documentary series Horizon – it was Panorama who did the hit job on Apple, not Horizon. I should have known that because Horizon have created some of my favourite science and maths documentaries!
Notable Numbers
Legal Latest
Main Stories
  1. Apple post record first quarter results – www.apple.com/…
  2. David Cameron launches a war on private communication – www.independent.co.uk/…
  3. Thunderstrike – the first know Mac Bootkit
  4. Microsoft Previews Windows 10 – www.cnet.com/…
  5. Apple Exec News
Quick Stories

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