Let’s Talk Apple — Ep. 66 (February 2019)

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The show starts with some followups to stories from last month’s show including the FaceTime bug, the abuses of Apple’s Enterprise Developer certificates, and the Project Titan Layoffs. That’s followed by a look at two legal stories, some notable numbers that made the news in February, and some Apple staffing changes including Angela Ahrendts’ departure. The three main stories are the Cellebrite iPhone hacking tools found for sale on eBay for $100, a bad month for privacy on Apple’s App Stores, and foldable phones. The show finishes with a quick run-down of some other Apple-related stories that made the news in February.

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  • The Group FaceTime Bug:
  • Abuses of Apple’s Enterprise Developer program:
    • FaceBook are completely shutting down their Onavo VPN at the root of their controversial ‘research’ app — techcrunch.com/…
    • It has emerged that FaceBook and Google were not the only companies abusing Apple’s Enterprise Developer program to side-load apps that would never be acceptable in the App Store. Gambling, Porn, and Piracy apps were distributed this way too — arstechnica.com/…
    • Apple are now forcing all developers to have 2FA on their accounts to help combat abuse of their various developer programs — nakedsecurity.sophos.com/…
  • More details of the ‘Project Titan’ redundancies emerge; Apple are letting 190 employees go, mostly engineers — www.macobserver.com/…
Legal Latest
Notable Numbers
Apple HR News
Main Stories
  1. Celebrate iPhone Hacking Tool found on sale on eBay for $100 — www.forbes.com/… & nakedsecurity.sophos.com/…
  2. A bad month for privacy on the iOS App Store
  3. Foldable Phones!
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