Bart Busschots

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.82 – Doug Kaye in David Burnett 1

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Doug Kaye – @dougkaye – Flickr This month full-time amateur photographer Doug Kaye joins Bart to evangelise the work of photographer David Burnett. David’s work defies categorisation or easy description, but it is certainly both original and creative. You can see David’s […]

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.79 – Kirk McElhearn on Michael Kenna

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Kirk McElhearn from the PhotoActive podcast – @mcelhearn – Flickr This show is part of an on-going mini-series where Bart invites fellow photographers on to evangelise any photographer of their choice from any time in photography’s history. Kirk chose to share his […]

Let’s Talk Photography Ep.78 – Night Mode Critique with Jef Game

Panel Bart Busschots (host) – @bbusschots – Flickr Jeff Gamet TextExpander Evangelist – @jgamet This month Bart is joined by Jeff Gamet from TextExpander. Bart and Jeff use the winner’s of Apple’s Night Mode photo competition as a vehicle for discussing Night Mode on modern smartphones. As well as critiquing […]